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Hae you ever wondered what makes some social media posts, videos, or blogs “go viral,” while yours are lucky to have seven shares and one comment? 

While it might seem like some well-kept “social media hack,” the reality is, it’s easy enough to create shareable content if you put some thought and creativity into your efforts. 

Tip #1: People Love Infographics

Whether you want to know more about how something is grown, or if you’re looking for ways to increase your blog’s traffic, there are a variety of infographics to enlighten you. 

These vivid, easy-to-read illustrations share lots of info while still being entertaining. By condensing otherwise boring numbers and stats down to easily digestible bite-sized content, you can make valuable information easily understandable for any audience. Better yet, your audience will be eager to share your content. 

Don’t worry about not being artistic or not having the skills needed to create your own design, you can hire designers from Fiverr and other job sites, or use a tool such as Piktochart or Canva to make your own eye-catching infographics.

**Bonus tip: use an embeddable link for your infographic and encourage other blog owners to add it to their sites. You’ll automatically drive traffic from every site that posts your content. 

Tip #2 Create Valuable Posts

Writing a new blog post? Don’t just stay on the surface of your topic. Go deep. Give as much information as you can on the topic. 

While some bloggers say shorter is better, the truth is, posts of 3,000+ words are more likely to be shared than their shorter posts. So, don’t worry about short attention spans. Readers want good info, and they don’t mind comitting to a long post to find it. 

Tip #3: Show Some Personality

People want personality-driven content from people who aren’t afraid to take a stand. 

That’s one reason why coaches like Marie Forleo are so popular. You know by reading their content and watching their videos, that what you see is what you get–Nothing is hidden and there’s no “corporate speak.” 

It’s easy to form a connection with someone like that because you feel as if you know them like a friend. And what do people do with a friend’s content? Share it!

It doesn’t take too much to be “shareable.” Be yourself, be transparent, and be valuable. In short, do what you’re already doing, only with a little bit more oomph!