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Your presence on social media is an excellent representation of your brand. You use your blog to attract and engage with new audiences and assist in improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your email list is a valuable resource that keeps you connected with your audience.

Each tool in your marketing toolkit has its purpose, but the one most often considered to have the most power by far is your published book.
Seeing your name on the cover of a physical, hold-it-in-your-hands, printed-on-paper book is the one thing that can rocket your business from somewhat successful to in-demand status.

As an Author, You’re an Instant Expert
When you see interviews of “experts” on morning news shows, talk shows, and on radio programs and podcasts, you might notice they all have something in common. Their introduction almost always begins with “The author of…” There’s a reason for that.

It is assumed that those who have the expertise to dig deep into a subject to explain it in a way that others will understand it must know their stuff. For the most part, books don’t just skim the surface of a subject. They connect the dots for us, make us think about things differently and give us a boost in motivation or confidence.

If you’ve written and published a book, you have almost certainly, and automatically, earned your “expert” status.

Writers Are More Committed and Driven
Not only are authors seen as experts in their field, but they’ve proven themselves to be more dedicated than most. Writing a book takes time. Even authors who use ghostwriters still spent an extra amount of time explaining their thoughts, looking over what the writer wrote…Think about the time, energy and frustration one experiences when writing 100, 200 or even 300 pages of content about a single subject. It’s not just the amount of pages completed that matter, those pages must flow well in a logical order, must make sense out of difficult concept/s, and must be engaging, too.

That’s not something that just anyone can do; the accolades are well deserved. When your book is published, whether traditionally or self-published, you deserve to walk a bit taller and hold your head a bit straighter. Even if you don’t feel more confident, others will see you through new eyes, merely because you’ve written a book. Chances are, by having a published book, you’ve accomplished something they secretly want to do.

Books Provide a “Foot in the Door” When Nothing Else Will
When it comes to publicity—whether it in the form of interviews, speaking engagements, JV invitations, article contributions or sources, or just more traffic to your website—you really can’t do better than a book. Books open doors that other content rarely can.

Books catch the attention of top-tier influencers in your niche.
Books make you a more memorable speaker. They also afford you the ability to make more money from your speaking engagements. Even when an event doesn’t have a speaker’s budget at all, you stand to make a comfortable amount from book sales at that event.

Also, believe it or not, self-published books can turn into traditional publishing contracts with all the benefits that go along with it.
The advantages that come with having written and published a book are apparent. What’s holding you back? It doesn’t matter what your niche or who your market is, there’s room on the shelf for your unique insights. You owe it to your audience, to your business and to your legacy to get that book published.

Let’s talk. Let’s get your book out there.

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