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As a special-needs mom, I personally know the financial burden felt by families with a child with special circumstances. Statistics have shown that most families with a child with special needs live one socio-economic level lower than their counterparts without children with special needs (U.S. Census Bureau). So it’s often of vital importance for multiple family members to financially contribute to the family.

Unfortunately, there tends to be a stigma associated with the “hire-ability” of a special needs mom. Employers, or those looking to hire a special needs mom for freelance/contract work, might be concerned that these moms would be flighty, distracted or have somehow lost their capability to perform well in a commanding or demanding position. They couldn’t be more wrong. Here are 7 reasons why special-needs moms make excellent employees.

Special needs moms are:

1. Organized & Efficient
Special-needs moms know how fast 24 hours go by, and they know all too well about the ever-growing “to do” list. So they understand that things must get done quickly and be done right the first time.

2. Multi-tasking Wizards
Most employees must juggle many duties at once. Special-needs moms usually have so much going on that multi-tasking is second nature. Four appointments in one day?…Coordinate an event for the end of the week?…All while maintaining daily operations at the same time? Not a problem! A special needs mom is certain to be able to handle the demands of your bustling office.

2. Level-Headed
Special-needs moms have seen so much and experienced so much in their lives that it really takes a lot to get them riled up. When a problem arises, a special needs mom can quickly examine the issue and focus on the solution rather than fret about the problem. Additionally, special needs moms are able to use logic and reason to diffuse a situation, even when it’s emotionally fueled.

3. Compassionate
Many special needs moms know that each of us has our own journey & can appreciate a variety of personalities and mannerisms. This bodes well for working with customers and co-workers from all walks of life.

4. Appreciative
Special-needs moms don’t take things for granted. They value the little things, and this attitude of gratitude is often contagious. You won’t find them sweating the small stuff that goes awry either.

5. Resourceful
The journey of a special-needs mom involves getting things done within or under budget. Innovation is a must. Special-needs moms often come across problems that are unusual or new and must develop their own approach and solution for the problem. (Bonus: They’re fast learners. They’re used to dealing with new situations that quickly arise that could literally mean the difference between life or death.)

6. Tenacious
Special-needs moms are compassionate and gracious, but they are also quite tenacious. They keep fighting and don’t give up. If a task is challenging, you can bet they won’t give up until they’ve found a solution.

7. Flexible
While special-needs moms are highly organized, they’re also able to adjust on the fly. Last minute change order? Not a problem. It’s a real good bet that a special-needs mom can rearrange and delegate as needed to accommodate the new deadline.

The next time your company is looking to outsource a certain task or hire a new employee, consider hiring a special-needs mom. They’re sure to be a highly valued addition to your team.

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