Month: July 2020

Helping You on Your Journey to Being Known

How to Grow Your Email List with Paid Ads

My clients have heard me talk about the importance of having an email list. Your email list is one of your biggest business assets. You don’t own your social media list, but you do own your email list. However, if your subscriber numbers are low with no sign of growth on the horizon, it might…
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Ways to Be More “Shareable”

Hae you ever wondered what makes some social media posts, videos, or blogs “go viral,” while yours are lucky to have seven shares and one comment?  While it might seem like some well-kept “social media hack,” the reality is, it’s easy enough to create shareable content if you put some thought and creativity into your…
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Drive More Traffic to Your Site with “Crazy Claims”

Here’s a sure way to build a significant following fast: do something a little crazy.  Have you ever watch a reality TV show such as “Married at First Sight” or “Survivor?” If you have, you know what a draw it can be to attempt something a little crazy. Millions of people tune in each week…
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