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    I found it fitting that on the day I scheduled to do a review on a grammar software, The Today Show had a segment entitled Test Your Grammar IQ.

    The software is called Grammarly.  It is an automated proofreader and a personal grammar coach. It corrects up to 10 times more mistakes than popular word processors.

    After trying it out, I’m totally hooked!

    I wanted to show you the difference between corrections made in Word vs corrections made in Grammarly.

    I first started with this paragraph from yesterday’s post:

    I know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but October is also Dwarfism Awareness Month. Both topics affect me, but I’d like to bring special attention to Dwarfism since Sienna is a Dwarf. In October AND November, I’ll be donating proceeds from the Sinny-Size Series sales to the Little People of America

    Here’s the difference between Word’s corrections and Grammerly’s corrections. (click to enlarge)



     It showed that I had no errors.  Nice!  I thought, “That’s too simple, though.  Let’s try a tougher one.”

    So, I tried it out with this:

    Washing your hands is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of illnesses and diseases.  Little People deserve to be able to safely wash their hands in public restrooms without suffering the indignity of having to climb on to the counter or being picked up.  

    1 out of every 25,000 people in the US is a Little Person. This includes my 14 year old daughter Sienna who is a Primordial Dwarf. (www.livinglifesinnysized.com)

    Please join me in appealing to businesses like Target, Costco and others to provide either a lower height sink, add a retractable step stool (like a Step N Wash) or add a pull out step to the sink structure in their restrooms.  This would greatly benefit people like my daughter, and also the millions of children who are unable to reach the sink without assistance from their parents.

    Here’s the difference between Word’s corrections and Grammerly’s corrections. (click to enlarge)


    See how Word only found that 14 year old should be hyphenated?  I’m actually surprised I didn’t catch that one myself. 🙂  However, look at what Grammarly found.  Those are really important errors.

    Now I can say I use Grammarly’s free grammar check because as Winston Churchill said, “A preposition is a terrible thing to end a sentence with.” 

    Disclosure of Material Connection: This is a “sponsored post.” The company who sponsored it compensated me via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value to write it. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  I was not required to write a positive review.  



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  1. Bryce says:

    Your grammar has always been amazing, wish I could grasp half of what you know when it comes to the English language. Your like a savant when it comes to that lol.

  2. Sean says:


  3. Carly says:

    My mom uses Grammarly!

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