• What’s My Opinion Wednesday – Beating Bed Rest

    bed rest book coverAs a mom of multiples, I get to visit with expectant moms of multiples who have questions about how their lives are about to change.  It’s great getting to share my experiences with them, help them hear from someone other than their doctor about what they can expect during pregnancy, the first few years and even into the teen years.  Despite my pregnancy having its own chaotic craziness, one thing I didn’t experience was bed rest.  So, I really don’t have any advice to offer them in that area.

    The answer has now arrived!

    Beating Best Rest by Angela Bickford!

    Angela gave me an advance copy to read and I loved it!  It’s everything you didn’t know you didn’t know about bed rest…but need to know! 🙂

    This is Angela Bickford’s debut book and is a humorous look at being confined to a bed while pregnant from women who have been there. Helpful and hilarious, Beating Bed Rest is the perfect companion for women at any stage of pregnancy. Whether they are just seeing the plus sign on their pregnancy test or they’re close to welcoming their bundle of joy, even women who aren’t on bed rest, will appreciate the raw and honest dry-humor with which Angela approaches this delicate topic. It gives women (and men) an inside look at what being on bed rest is really like as Angela invites them into her hospital room. Full of funny anecdotes from other women who shared their experiences, too; women will see that bed rest isn’t all about rest and it’s definitely more than what their doctors will tell them.

    With humor and honesty, Angela shares her personal story of beating bed rest, information on preparing for and coping with bed rest, resources for the bed rester and their family, scripture verses, and more.

    You can pre-order it now which allows you to get the book for only $3.99 AND you get two freebies!!!

    Beating Bed Rest PreOrder Flyer










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