• What’s My Opinion Wednesday–Alamo Draft House


    Most people know that I’ve maintained pretty strict nutrition for many, many years. However, I’ve been preparing for some upcoming projects, so I’ve had to amp up my efforts and go to a very calculated plan.

    I am allowed a sensible cheat meal once every 2 weeks. I get pretty excited about my cheat meals.

    One particular cheat meal, my husband and I wanted to go on a date, so we chose Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. We had never been to the one by our house, so we thought we’d give it a whirl.

    I tend to crave pizza, so when I saw the Chicken and Chorizo Specialty Pizza on a Gluten-free crust, I was excited! It wasn’t too far off the deep end, but would still take care of my craving.

    I excitedly waited for my food. It came pretty quickly. Nice! I had a ton of toppings on it. Score!

    My excitement quickly faded. 🙁 My crust was soggy and my chicken tasted microwaved. Major let down!

    It was so upsetting. Come on! I get ONE special meal every weeks. It NEEDED to be special. My disappointment led me to send a comment through the company’s website.

    They responded beautifully! I reviewed an email from both the General Manager AND the Head Chef! It turns out that I was most likely literally the first person to order that pizza since it had just been put on the menu.

    The chef was very thorough with his plan of correction and hoped I’d give them another try.

    Yesterday, I gave them a do-over!

    I ordered the same pizza. My husband ordered their Carnivore Pizza. (AND the Chocolate Chip Cookie Shake!)

    Again, our food came quickly. My husband described the shake as “beautiful.” Haha I’m severely lactose intolerant so I wasn’t even tempted to taste it, but it looked good.

    Again, the pizzas had a ton of toppings! Nice!

    I anxiously took the first bite. Much better!!

    A small portion of the center was still a bit soggy from the tomatoes, but the amount of toppings countered that. The chicken was just a tad dry still, but it was very lean, so I’m guessing that’s why. I would think that cutting up the chicken and mixing it in with the other toppings would take care of that since the tomatoes have so much moisture.

    The only other suggestion is to serve the pizza with a fork. 🙂 That amount of toppings deserves a fork! Heehee

    I was very pleased with the responses I received and was pleased with their efforts to correct it! I will definitely be back!

    Great job, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. (Now if only they’d put accommodations in the restroom for Little People and children. Heehee)



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