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    Everywhere we turn there are products claiming to make us look younger.  With the constant bombardment of new products, it’s so hard to tell what product will actually produce results.  When I was contacted by Independent Consultant, Amy Traynor, to try out Rodan & Fields and review it for you all, I was thrilled.

    I had been searching for a solution for my skin for a while.  I had even had a painful laser treatment done and it didn’t provide me with the results I had hoped for.

    After years of being out in the sun I had sun damage.  I also had Melasma on my face.

    Melasma is a dark skin discoloration that appears on areas of the face.  Though it can affect anyone, it is often associated with the female hormones.  Sun exposure also plays a part in the visibility of Melasma.

    While it’s not painful, it is cosmetically annoying.  My Melasma was right above my lip, so it actually looked like the “5:00 Shadow” of a mustache.  Not cute.

    Amy, the consultant, guided me to her Rodan & Field website where I was able to use the interactive questionnaire.  It guided me to the best products for addressing my skin care concerns.

    The short questionnaire suggested I try the Reverse line.  It’s specifically designed for skin damage and discolorations such as Melasma and sun damage.

    The products came in a professional box and had very clear directions.  It even had a chart that illustrated when I should use which products.

    The kit included an exfoliating wash, a toner, a skin lightening cream and a sunscreen.  The consultant also gave me a special bracelet that shows me how much sun exposure my skin has each day.  That was a very good reminder to make sure I wore sunscreen.

    I must admit I was nervous about trying it. I usually have rather radical reactions to skin products.  For example, a couple of years ago my face literally looked like I had acid burns when I used a retinol product.

    As directed, I tested the Reverse line on a small part on my neck the first night and waited to see how my skin reacted.

    I was so excited to not have had an adverse reaction.  Yay! I was giving myself the go-ahead to give the products a whirl.

    I followed the directions exactly and was quite pleased.  My face got just a wee bit dry the first couple of days, but it wasn’t bad.  It never made me break out.  Big plus!  It never burned.  It never felt greasy.  In fact, it was nice and airy feeling.  Even the sunscreen was nice and light.  And if you’ve ever used facial sunscreens, you’ll know they typically can be greasy and heavy.

    Another great thing about the products is that they can be mixed and matched.  Since I’m also concerned with wrinkles, I could use pieces from the Anti-Aging Line along with pieces from the Reverse line.

    In just a short month, I’ve had a very nice reduction in the appearance of my Melasma and sun damage and even my husband said my skin looks very soft and smooth.

    Here’s my before and after:  (I’ll take more, too.  It’s a big improvement!)





    I would definitely recommend the Rodan & Field Reverse line for women who are looking to improve their skin tone and discolorations.   The 60-day satisfaction guarantee makes it all the more enticing.



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