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    odor checkFull disclosure: Odor Check provided two packages of their products to me for this review, one I used and one I’m giving away to a lucky reader.  All thoughts on the product are my own.

    Bad smells are horrible.  I think we can all agree that when something stinks, it really can be so distracting and really make you want to avoid whatever it is that smells.

    I love smell-good stuff.  I have scented candles in a variety of rooms, I have those cute little car smell-good things, plug-ins for the wall, rooms spray, essential oil diffusers…you name it, I have it.  I am totally obsessed with room enhancing contraptions of pleasant and refreshing smells because I can’t stand bad smells.  My nose is so sensitive that it’s very annoying sometimes.

    I’ve become the families smell detective.  I admit, it causes me to be a bit OCD in that I clean my house constantly.  We have two dogs, one of them being a large-as-a-man blue Great Dane.  So, if I let the cleaning slip up even a bit, my house could get that horrible dog smell very quickly.

    I also have three kids.  One is 19 and out of the house, but when he comes back in town, that means our house quickly becomes filled with other smelly 19 year old boys.  I love the noises of laughter and fun in the house, but cannot stand the smell that active boys bring into the house.

    Well, the upstairs bathroom quickly became a source of a mysterious offensive odor. I thoroughly cleaned and bleached the bathroom, removed the trash, dirty clothes, sprayed some room spray…Days later, the smell was still there–as if the evil smell had permeated the walls.  Thankfully, I had Odor Check® on hand!

    I placed one on the top of the cabinet in the bathroom, shut the door and let it do its magic.

    The next morning I checked on it.  Yay!  NO SMELL!  Woohoo!

    I had another opportunity to really challenge the Odor Check®.  My husband and I cleaned out our garage and cleaned out some of our storage unit and loaded things for donation in the back of my very large SUV.  I planned on just taking the donations the next day and didn’t think twice about it.  However, the next morning when I got in my car, the smell was horrible!  It was that musty, old, stale smell.  I couldn’t understand it.  Nothing in the donation pile was dirty, but I guess the things in storage had just absorbed the smells from the storage unit place.  I quickly dropped off the donations and put a new smell-good thing in my car.

    When I got in my car the next day, I expected to smell the scented thing I had put in there.  Nope.  The stale smell overpowered the good scent I had put in my car and was actually quite repulsive.  Ah ha! I remembered that I had one more Odor Check®.

    I grabbed it and threw it in the back of my SUV.  Again, I let it sit overnight and success!  It removed the smell from my car!  My car actually smelled good, and I’m not talking about a floral or fruity scented kind of smell.  I’m talking about just good old fresh and clean.

    So, it’s safe to say that I’m a super fan of Odor Check®.  I will make sure I have some on hand for sure!  Plus, I’m going to give away a pair to one lucky reader!

    All you have to do is leave a comment about where you need Odor Check® to save the day.  At Noon on Oct 31, 2014, one randomly chosen commenter will win their very own pair of Odor Check®.

    How did Odor Check manage to save my nose and my nerves?

    It’s described as:

    Extremely intelligent odor removal technology.

    Odor Check® inserts use odor removal technology proven around the world, making them the most effective moisture and odor control products you can buy.

    They feature a specially designed odor-control fabric that uses activated carbon technology, used by many athletes, hunters and women who can’t stand the smell of their husband’s gym bag! The two technologies combine to effectively absorb and contain moisture, reduce bacteria and eliminate odor, without the use of heavy masking fragrances used by other products.

    Here’s a video that explains it:



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