Perceptions Analysis

Perceptions Analysis

Ideal for: Authors, Entertainers, Mid-sized Business & Youth with Large Aspirations

This analysis will examine the touchpoints your audience encounters and check for congruency between customer experience, messaging, image, and branding.

We’ll determine where you currently are, and design your plan for growth by helping you clarify your message, discover and craft your desired positioning and identify new opportunities for building credibility. Ultimately the Perceptions Analysis identifies what needs to change or be clarified help you achieve a consistent, positive perception, and achieve clarity about your next steps.

  • We'll start with my customized questionnaire to ensure you get the most out of your analysis.
  • I will intently analyze the touchpoints your audience encounters such as website (aesthetics, efficacy...), branding, messaging, marketing...and devise and actionable roadmap to help you pull everything together and grow your brand.
  • On-site Perceptions Analysis available. Includes an analysis of UX, physical location...
  • Includes either a 1.5 to 2-hour strategy call depending on your industry
  • The call will be conducted via Zoom.
After our call you will have:
  • Clarity with what you need to do and a plan for moving forward
  • Confidence in moving forward
  • Awareness of gaps and obstacles so you can move past them
  • Suggestions for ways to position yourself and make your efforts more efficient. 
  • An actionable plan with deadlines so you can achieve on your goals
If you’re ready to take action to make the changes needed, and just need someone to help you achieve clarity and a strategy for moving forward, then YES!
If you know it’s time to make changes, you can try and figure out what you don’t know yet and put together a plan on your own, but chances are that will take a lot longer than partnering with someone who has done it before many times and can quickly help you uncover your roadmap for the future.

THE INVESTMENT: $1200-2500+