• Parenting is Inconvenient

    parenting truthI recently heard a single mom say she couldn’t discipline her teenage son because it was “too hard”.  She knew she should take his car from him for his recent behavior and she knew she should take away his technology such as his cellular phone, but she said it was too hard on her to do that.

    She blamed her busy work schedule on her inability to parent.  According to her, it was too inconvenient for her.  She said if she took his car away from him, she would have to take him to and from school. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t fly in my book.

    Here’s my message for her:

    Take back your power!  

    Who’s the head of that household?  Yes, parenting is inconvenient sometimes.  Get over it and get the job done.

    Yup, you may have to shift your schedule a bit and drive your child to school, but I promise, your kid will be more embarrassed having his mom drive him to school and will sorely miss the freedom of having their own wheels.   He’ll also see that you mean business.  Consistency will do wonders.

    If that logistically absolutely won’t work, you must figure out another option rather than not do anything at all.  Perhaps you could arrange they ride with another parent who takes their child.  There are always options.  You have to figure out some sort of consequence that works for you and your family.  You can’t be lazy.

    Lazy parenting is a recipe for disaster.  Not only will the child be in control, but they’ll determine the dynamic and energy in the house. It’s also extremely likely that the child will end up irresponsible, unaware of cause and effect, disrespectful of others and have a sense of entitlement.  Essentially, lazy parenting can easily result in a child that lacks the basic knowledge and awareness of how the real world works.

    By being a lazy parent, you’re actually doing your child a disservice and robbing them of important tools.  It’s a parent’s job to equip their child for the real world.

    Women are amazing.  We can juggle and handle so much more than we realize.  The journey to regaining your power may be more tiring than had you started a long time ago, but you can still do it!  Women are resilient!

    Here are some resources to help:

    What resources and suggestions do you have for parents who are in similar situations?




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