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    A new word was recently invented in the Entertainment industry.  “Momanger

    As soon as you read that word, you probably thought of Dina Lohan or Kris Jenner.

    I would have never thought that “Momanger” would be a title added alongside my name, but organically it has been added.

    Sienna’s media coverage for being the only Primordial Dwarf in the world with an identical twin and Sierra’s ever-growing gig schedule requires me to coordinate, market, negotiate, advocate and protect them similarly to what one does with a business.

    Sounds crazy, right?  Sometimes it feels like it is.  Sometimes juggling their websites, schedules, career development…feels like a full time job, but when you think about, it’s not that crazy at all.

    In a way, all moms are Momangers.  All moms coordinate, market, negotiate, advocate and protect their children.

    We coordinate their school activities, their sports activities, their dance classes, their music lessons, their doctor appointments…

    We market them in a variety of ways–helping them when they’re running for class office, trying out for a part in a play…

    We negotiate and advocate for them.  This is something we tend to do non-stop.  We are our children’s biggest fans and their biggest proponents.

    We may not get paid money for it, but we get paid in hugs, kisses and the reward of seeing our children grow into happy, healthy, successful adults who are living out their dreams.  So, go ahead, add Momanger to your title.  You are an amazing Momanger!



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  1. Heather says:

    So true!! Well said! 🙂

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