• The Lady Who Cried in the Grocery Store

    Over the last couple of weeks, Satan’s been really trying to get in my way.  As you know, when you’re trying to accomplish good things there will always be people who want to say negative and mean things to/about you or about what you’re trying to accomplish.  I have even had people patronize, belittle and mock my efforts with the Equal Restroom Access for Little People Movement.  Yes, really.

    Thankfully I’m a tough cookie and I understand that most of the time, those people are just mean people or feel bad about themselves and need to pick on someone.  So, I’m pretty good at ignoring naysayers, but it still kind of sucks to even have to deal with them.

    Well, this afternoon, I was reminded that so much good comes from all of it that it far outweighs the bad.

    Sienna and I went to the grocery store after her breakdancing class, and as we were going through our list, a woman stopped us and said, “I know you.”

    I didn’t recognize her, but that happens sometimes, especially when you’ve only met someone on Facebook.  When you meet them in real life, it takes a while for you to make the connection.  I’m sure you’ve had those moments.

    Turns out that she recognized us from our 1st 20/20 episode.  She began to explain that they tried in vetro just before she watched that episode, and that that time all the eggs were “bad” and they were really nervous to try again.Hope

    She started to tear up as she said, “Your story reminded me to put it all in God’s hands and to realize that we would be able to handle whatever happened.”  So, they went ahead with a second round of in vetro.

    Their second round of in vetro worked and they have a beautiful daughter.  She has some medical concerns, but they’re not phased by them.  And they’re at such peace with everything, that they’re doing their third round tomorrow.

    While Sierra and Sienna aren’t a result of in vetro, I still understand this lady’s struggle with the anxiety of the unknown and it was such a blessing to know that someone out there watched our story and saw hope.  

    That lady may think that our story blessed her, when really she blessed us tonight and reminded us to keep spreading hope, keep spreading awareness and keep thinking BIG.




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