• Kidney Needed Desperately

    This message brings an unusual, but extremely important request.  
    Brad, one of Sienna’s friend’s, needs a kidney.  

    Brad and his sister, Bridgette, both have Primordial Dwarfism.  

    The Jordan’s have faced every adversity with a sense of humor and a strong faith. Now the need for a kidney for Brad is urgent. They have exhausted the family possibilities.  Brad is on the long list to receive a kidney from another source, and now must rely on word of mouth to find a personal donor.  He is quickly approaching the need for dialysis.   Although nothing to be taken lightly, it is 100% possible to donate a kidney and live a completely healthy and typical life.    For more about general kidney donation please see the National Kidney Foundation.   To read a personal story about kidney donation please visit ZeroKidneyWaitlist. This new website is the story of Joanna Campbell’s lifelong family friend and her kidney donation for a co-worker.  
    Please feel free to share this information with any of your friends, family, co-workers.  We are hopeful that somehow something positive will come from putting this out there. Contact the nurses at the numbers below, or Christy Jordan for more information.


    1 Used Kidney in Excellent Condition


    Blood Type 0

    Size: doesn’t matter – it hasn’t defined him yet!


    Kidney will be taken great care of, live in a smoke and drug free body, enjoy life to fullest, and get plenty of exercise!


    How to inquire:

    1. Donor must be blood type O.

    2. Average height persons kidney will work for Brad.

    3. If you want to donate and you’re not Blood Type O there is a paired program where someone needing your blood type has a donor that is O that will give to Brad.


    Please private message Christy Jordan atprimordialmom@gmail.com or call his hospital kidney transplant coordinators.

    Ashley/Debbie: 312-227-6549, Whitney: 312-227-6548

    Katie: 312-227-6551




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