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Ideal for Authors, C-Suite Members, Public Figures, Youth Who Need to Brand for Their Future, and Creatives

Industries: Entertainment, Literature, Education, Religious, Service Companies, Health and Wellness, and Fitness

As a Perceptions Analyst, I understand that perception is reality, and with over 20 years of experience in Communications, Content Creation & Marketing, I know that when it comes to branding, marketing and growing your business or career, the to-do list can seem never-ending at times. I can help you pull it all together, improve your customer’s or audience’s experience, and ensure you’re sending your intended message. Whether it’s content for your website, your professional bio, social media marketing, or landing publicity opportunities, adding me to your team as a strategic and creative partner will make your journey easier. My ability to wear many hats has proven to be very helpful for my clients. They’re relieved when they discover just how versatile my skills are and how seamlessly I work with their team.  Also, my large professional network of talented experts who support and supplement my own efforts for my clients has proven to be very beneficial for my clients

“I need to refresh my branding and imaging and make sure I’m sending my intended message.”

This analysis will examine the touch points your audience encounters and check for congruency between customer experience, messaging, image, and branding.

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“I feel stuck and overwhelmed. I need clarity and direction on how to move forward.”

An intentional hour focused on figuring out what’s causing the roadblock or is sending the wrong message, and defining your next must-do moves to move you forward.

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“I’m tired of trying to do things on my own and want a trusted advisor who can partner with and guide me through my journey.”

This 12-week coaching program is designed to help you find clarity in your process, your branding, your messaging and help you pull everything together. 

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“I’m busy, overwhelmed and need a strategic partner who can help me ASAP!”

This intense planning day will clarify your message, define your branding, pull together all of the pieces you need to build your platforms and give you a road map for your future growth.

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“I’d like to increase my audience and demonstrate my expertise with media appearances.”

We’ll establish your positioning statement, identify key media outlets and work to obtain appearances and expert sourcing status for various media outlets.

  • Branding, Image & Online activity is analyzed for optimization of publicity
  • 1-hour strategy call
  • Custom positioning biography written for you
  • Develop pitch topics and angles of trending issues
  • Craft the delivery of your unique message
  • Identify and pitch bloggers, magazines, podcasts, TV shows and other outlets for both local and national spots. 
  • Guide you in leveraging your publicity to allow for even more exposure
  • Monitor requests from journalists looking for sources and pitch you to be interviewed or as a contributor for relevant projects.
  • Actively reach out to writers and journalists who have a similar audience as you, and pitch them to include you as a source.

    YOUR INVESTMENT: $1200 – $2000/month with a 3-month minimum ($750 initial strategy session required unless one of the above analyses have been conducted by me recently)

“I have a plan in place now, but need help executing various parts of my plan.”

Interested in working together but don’t know which program is for you? Let’s discuss your specific needs and goals. Schedule a free 20-minute discovery call.

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