Equal Restroom Access for Little People

FBequalaccessHaving a daughter who is a Little Person has made Chrissy aware of the challenges Little People face in everyday situations that average-height people don’t face.

A concerning challenge is access to public sinks.  So Chrissy started a movement called the Equal Restroom Access for Little People Movement.

Washing your hands is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of illnesses and diseases.  Little People deserve to be able to safely wash their hands in public restrooms without suffering the indignity of having to climb on to the counter or being picked up.  

1 out of every 25,000 people in the US is a Little Person. 

Please join Chrissy in appealing to businesses like Target, Costco and others to provide either a lower height sink, add a retractable step stool (like a Step N Wash) or add a pull-out step to the sink structure in their restrooms.  This would greatly benefit Little People, and also the millions of children who are unable to reach the sink without assistance from their parents.

You can also help by signing the petition at Change.org.