• Avoiding Holiday Pitfalls

    Holiday Pitfalls

    You started 2014 off trying to lose weight, get into better shape, improve your health…and now the holidays are among us.

    Holidays can trip people up when it comes to their physique goals.

    The holidays can go four different ways.

    1. You can forget your self-control and undo your hard work.
    2. It can be a time when people who weren’t able to achieve their desired body over the summer just say, “Oh well. I’ll start on New Year’s”… “Okay, the day AFTER New Year’s.”
    3. Or it can stay just the same and you can still have fun and keep your eating in check. Yes, that’s actually possible.
    4. Or you can get a head start on New Year’s and not gain the typical holiday bulge.

    Holiday Pitfalls 2The biggest reasons I see for people falling victim to the pitfalls is:

    1. Lack of planning

    2. Lack of Information

    Let’s go over a few of the pitfalls. Get some information and devise a plan for avoiding those pitfalls.

    One possible pitfall is Holiday Drinks!

    We’re so excited about their arrival, but they can really trip you up during the holidays.

    People bring them to the office, sales reps bring them…It’s pretty hard to avoid them for some people. Here are some healthier alternatives:

    Egg Nog

    Combine Pumpkin Spice Flavored Liquid Egg Whites with Original Silk Almond Milk.  
    Add a dash of Nutmeg and voilà! Starbucks9


    Starbucks drink options that are better on your waistline:

    • Non-fat milk
    • NO Whip
    • Fewer or Half the pumps (I’m not a fan of sugar-free.  I’d opt for fewer pumps of their syrup instead.)
    • You can actually brink your own milk alternative such as almond milk and they’ll make your drink with that for you.

    Know Your Cocktails:
    (opt for red wine instead of a sugary cocktail)


    Additional Potential Pitfalls

    1. Candy pushers. It’s on people’s desks, at the bank, leftover Halloween candy, neighbors dropping off goodies…

    What Can You Do:

    •  Just say no. Don’t even get your taste buds going by eating a piece of the candy.
    • If you do grab one, grab and go. Take a piece and go away. Take a piece out of the bag, then seal up the bag and put it away.
    • When your neighbors bring something yummy over, take a bite and take it away. Send it to work with your husband, or with a teen boy. (Be someone else’s candy pusher. heehee) 

    2. Multiple family gatherings, friends’ parties, your office party, parties for Christmas, New Years…in my case many birthday parties.
    What Can You Do: 

    • Host the party that way you can control the food that’s served.
    • Just say No.
    • Don’t go to the party hungry.
    • Offer to bring something you can eat.
    • Bring your own snack.
    • Pay attention. Here’s a list of Naughty Holiday Foods
    • Allow yourself to indulge for 1 hour.
    • Only 1 bite of the treat
    • Don’t wear elastic pants to parties.
    • Eat sitting down & eat slowly.
    • Situate yourself AWAY from the food.
    • Cut back when you can at other meals.
    • Full Hands (Keep a glass of water in your hand so you always have something to sip on and do with your hands.)

    4. Tasting Your Cooking

    What Can You Do: Account for it into your daily intake or enlist tasters to help

    5. Travel.  It can be hard to stay on schedule and harder to control your food.

    What Can You Do:

    • Bring what you can
    • Offer to help with cooking as much as possible
    • Go grocery shopping when you get there to make sure you have snacks for yourself.
    • Stick to your schedule as much as you can. Perhaps a 6-Pack bag will help you. (Use CodeRed1214 for a discount.)

    Overall tips:

    • Remember to stay active or even ramp it up.
    • Don’t beat yourself up/Don’t give up
    • Stick to your schedule as much as possible.
    • Be accountable
    • Reward yourself, but not with food
    • Reduce stress whenever possible
    • Keep your eye on the prize…a healthier, sexier you!
    • Helpful Apps: Spark People, My Fitness Pal
    • Have a plan!!!!

    I hope this quick rundown of how to avoid holiday pitfalls helps! What tips do you have?



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