My Journey So Far

As a special needs mom, I struggled with carving a career path that utilized my passions and skills while working well with the extra responsibilities required of me. After accidentally ending up in the global spotlight for my unique identical twins, I was forced to build a brand on the fly and discover a way to share our story while maintaining privacy. By combining my formal education in Mass Communications & Journalism with the real world knowledge I gained while using our story to shape my career, I developed a roadmap to help others pull together branding, messaging and publicity to clearly communicate their message, increase their reach efficiently and reduce the chaos experienced in the journey of being known.

As a Professional:

Clients and colleagues describe me as someone who "Gets it done." I'm enthusiastic about helping people and companies establish a consistent message and image and ensure that their intended messages are received. I transform words into a well-flowing, consistent message that receives measurable results. Those who work with me say I'm authentic, helpful and energetic.

Clients choose to work with me when they're looking for someone who can align with their vision and their voice to work with them as a seamless extension of their team to create an image and a message that is consistent across all touchpoints their customers or audience would see or experience.

• Writing
• Editing
• Book Launches
• Image/Brand Development & Management
• Communications/Perceptions/Public Relations
• Operations Efficiency
• Social Media Marketing/Email Marketing
• Promotions
• Networking
• Analytics & Reporting
• Product Launch
• Visual & Written Content Creation

Industries: Media, Entertainment, Small Business, Health, Literature

On a Personal Note:

At the age of 22, I found myself with an empty bank account, homeless and in a disastrously failing marriage that was filled with lies, scams and physical and mental abuse.

On top of that, I was finishing my degree, working a professional job and caring for my newly born twin daughters Sierra and Sienna, one of whom (Sienna) had severe medical issues.

Despite having my life threatened if I followed through with it, I left my husband and started over with my girls and whatever I could fit in my car.  I had been fired because of my husband, so I had to figure things out quickly.

I made a plan and quickly set action to that plan.  I think I was sort of on autopilot at this point. God was gracious enough to allow me to be so focused on achieving the next step that I wasn’t able to wallow in the crud that was going on in my life at that time. I found a professional job, and got my girls settled into a montessori school.

It took me over a year to get my divorce finalized, but I kept pushing through all the red tape and through all of the games—and there were a lot of them.

Now I’m happily remarried (14+ years now) and my new husband has legally adopted my girls. To them, he is Daddy.  He and Sierra have an insanely tight bond and Sienna greatly admires Daddy.  I couldn’t have asked for a better dad for my girls. Additionally, we finally found out why Sienna was so small and why she had/has so many medical issues. We discovered that she has a rare form of Dwarfism called Primordial Dwarfism.  In fact, she is believed to currently be the only female Primordial Dwarf with an identical twin.

My girls are now 19 years old.  Sienna is a spunky special-needs young adult and we work on a variety of things daily in hopes of affording Sienna as much independence in the future as possible.  We home schooled, Sienna is writing a children's book, has recorded instructional cooking videos for special needs people like herself, and is working on a talk show series called "Small Talk with Sienna."  She also helps me with our Equal Restroom Access for Little People Movement and our children’s book series that focuses on teaching kids that they’re wonderful just the way they are.

Sierra was also home schooled and has a promising music career.  She also has an actual dairy allergy, so we have to cook accordingly.  She is wise beyond her years and is dedicated and focused.  I attribute much of that to her devotion to caring for and helping her twin. She debuted on country radio in 2017, on streaming platforms like Spotify in 2018 and will have new releases again in 2019. Yay!

In addition to my children’s book series, I’m writing a fictional novel, have more in the pipeline, have had a radio talk show based on empowering women, speak to both women and children about balance and perspective, and volunteer as much as possible.

As you can see, I have learned how to bounce back and have learned how to juggle.  Despite life’s ups and downs, I truly feel like I have it all.   I look forward to the rest of my journey and hope to help you have it all in your journey, as well.  Keep faith.  Keep moving forward and keep your head high.