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Are you sending the right message? Does the audience have the right perception of you? If you’re not sure how to tell your story, share your message, increase your audience or shape a better perception of you or your company, I’d love to partner with you on your journey of being known. 

I’m a Perceptions Analyst who helps mid-sized companies and creatives (authors, musicians…) increase their audience by defining their message and ensuring that every touchpoint their audience encounters is sending the intended message. They’re looking for a someone who will really listen, do the digging and find solutions tailored to their needs.

Areas of concentration: Branding, Marketing, Creative, Communications & PR 

As a special needs mom, I struggled with carving a career path that utilized my passions and skills while working well with the extra responsibilities required of me. After accidentally ending up in the global spotlight for my unique identical twins, I was forced to build a brand on the fly and discover a way to share our story while maintaining privacy. By combining my formal education in Mass Communications & Journalism with the real world knowledge I gained while using my story to shape my career, I developed a roadmap to help others pull together branding, messaging and publicity to clearly communicate their message, increase their reach efficiently and reduce the chaos experienced in the journey of being known.

As seen on/in:
ABC’s 20/20, Inside Edition, Anderson Cooper, Closer Magazine, UpJourney, Fit Small Business, and more

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My published children’s book “Sienna’s Locket,” a whimsical children’s book, is aimed at teaching children that they are wonderfully made just the way they are. More books are in the works–-both fiction and non-fiction.

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Speaking to audiences of all sizes.
Topics include:
–How to Evaluate Your Perception
–All Things Social Media
–How to Balance Privacy and Authenticity on Social Media
–How to Brand Your Present Self for Your Future Self
–Promote Your Company By Positioning Yourself As an Expert
–Moving Past Your Idea–Start That Company, Start That Project, Publish That Book
–Motivation and Inspiration: My Journey As a Working, Special Needs Mom of Rare Twins

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Do you have a big launch coming up soon? Are you releasing your own book? Do you need help clarifying your branding and messaging? I can help bring it all together!

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Whether it’s hiring me to speak at your event, you just need to pick my brain for a couple of hours, or you need me to partner with you on your book or product launch, I can help you clarify your message, map out your journey and create the consistent customer perception you desire.

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